In a fresh new relation ship how to not become so envolved? I mean, not to think about the person all the time?

When you know that person with whom you talk all the time, how to not become obsessive and think about the person all the time, whish that you were talking to the person when you are not and carry on your day without being totally paranoid all the time because all these new batch of intense feelings that are coming up? Especially if you have not been envolved with someone for a long time and are no longer used to there new feelings and intensity? I mean, I bet that the girl has a better "head" than I do, because it's driving me crazy this situation. I need to calm myself down and not think about this all the time, but all I can think about it to be with her and kiss her. Obviously I never let het know that expect for the right moments, but I suffer inside my mind and heart


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  • Remember all your other life activities, family and friends and make sure to maintain proper time focused on them still.


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