A girl said thanks for the invite, for a second time going out, but she was busy on that week. Thoughts?

The title says it mostly. I believe it when she says she is busy because she said during the first time I went out with her. She explained how she stays really busy. She acted like she enjoyed going out with me before. Is it very possible she is not interested because she didn't suggest an alternate time? I suggested that we could maybe do something the following week, and she replied that would be good. I haven't nailed the details down yet cause I am busy off and on over the next few weeks, and I don't want to have reschedule with her.


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  • It is really busy right now with the holidays coming next week. She probably is legitimately too busy. Wait until after the new year and try again. If she still says she is busy, then try one more time but tell her she can call you back when she is free. This puts the ball in her court so you aren't chasing all the time.


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