Which guy should I go for?

im not even 100% if they still want me anymore but...

there's an ex guy 1, we broke up because we both said it's the wrong time and it really was and then we got back together and broke up again , long story. The last thing he said was 'everything I meant I said it's just wrong timing, if it's later on something would have happened' its later on and he keeps staring at me. I'm not going to lie he was quite toxic but he didn't treat me badly it was only toxic because I was constantly upsetting myself by constantly feeling stressed and waiting on him to be ready again. I also heard he's ready now.

The second guy... he put in soooo much effort we didn't go out but he really wanted me, he messaged me everyday like 2 months straight saying how he won't give up on me and how I'm beautiful. For me It was wrong time because I only was just done with guy 1. He still carried on trying though until I just told him not to wait anymore. I did actually want him but it was because he was my friends ex I felt bad. Me and this girl don't even talk anymore though. He also felt bad because I'm his best friends ex but he said that wasn't stopping him because he wanted me really badly.

in no means am I saying they both like me but I really want to speak to one of them again. Which one is best? There's One predicament... guy 1 and 2 are best friends. Which one should I go for? I can't choseeee! My ex or someone new? I'm not being vain but I know I can get them most likely.


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  • Finding someone new might be better, they both ended for reasons and I don't think it was just the timing, besides trying something again with either of them would probably get their relationship screwed up


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