What does this mean?

This guy I’m talking to said he isn’t ready for a relationship and says he doesn’t know what he wants. He told me he would text me when he’s ready to talk. Does it sound like he just needs space and time to think before he settles down into a relationship?


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  • Could be a lot of reasons
    - Lack of time for a relationship
    - Work stress
    - Not wanting a relationship but a friends with benefits arrangement just for the sex
    - Having feelings for someone else
    - Not sure about the relationship being the best thing to do.
    - Insecurities
    - Past experiences
    - Etc.
    There is no way to pinpoint a reason

    • He said he would come to me. Should I give him space?

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    • Yea he told me give him time I know he still likes me it’s nothing personal

    • I'm glad that I was able to help, if I helped at all.

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  • "He doesn't know what he wants"
    Is man code for he probably doesn't want you. But right now he doesn't have anyother prospects lined up yet.

  • There might be another girl, you might have pushed too fast, he might be gay, how should we know... So many reasons

    • Should I give him space?

    • Little bit, after a week or so message that you miss the? Talking? And if he's still like he needs space, give him the galaxy sized space and just move on and find someone worth it

    • Actually I think I know what it is. He might be a recovering alcoholic. Nothing personal.

  • Sounds more like he is wanting to see if he can find someone else.

    • Actually just figured it out. He’s recovering from alcoholism.

    • Hope all turns out well. Good for him to recognize that he needs help.

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