How can I bring this up casually?

So I'm in this really awkward, disheartening situation right now.

I was interested in a guy in my class. He found out then he was really interested in me too. We both never talked and don't know each other at all. Initially, he did everything to try talking to me but I was too shy to. Then eventually on the last day, I stepped up to the plate and handed him my number but still I never had a conversation with him. ‘

It’s been a week and he hasn’t called. I think he saw me handing over my number to another guy in the class too. I had two crushes who I barely knew and I had no clue who I’d end up working out with. So that’s why I gave both of them my numbers.

I have no idea how to explain my situation to him or what to say. How can I bring this up casually? I don’t just wanna run up to him and desperately start confessing that I have another crush in class and I didn’t know who I’d end up working out with.

I’m not that social so I’m not great with words. Let me know how to say this.
Can I still ask him if I can be friends with him, if not date?
Would it help if I told him that he is the most handsome man in the room (which is actually true)?


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  • Just don't.
    You have made him feel like he is not good enough and mostly blew your chances with him,
    Even if he does contact you , a relationship is very unlikely, if it turns into a relationship then its going to drag the both of you.

    Unfortunately for you, actions have consequences, and sadly you can do nothing to change it, just give him his space and decide for himself.

    • Response to update: don't say anything as of now.
      The damage has been done and there is no way to control it, anything and everything you do will most likely make it worse.

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    • You obviously have nothing valuable to provide but just to fulfill your own ego. there's nothing wrong with me pursuing him due to his looks. So don't try imply in any way that I've done anything wrong or that there's anything wrong with me as a person.

    • I never said that you have done anything wrong, who am I to decide, to each their own.

      All I am saying for all this while is, wait for things to cool down.
      Let him have his space to deal with whatever he has in his mind and talk about this to him after that, because he'll be able to understand and asses and get over what happened more easily when he will be in a state to think clearly.

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  • If that's the case, there are no words. Nobody likes to play second fiddle.
    How would you feel if a guy walked up to you and your friend and handed you both his number then walked away? Would you be super excited to risk rejection by calling him? Or thrilled to possibly get into a fist fight with the competition?
    You fucked up. Suck it up and move on.

  • Walk up to him and ask if he wants you to show him how to put you on his speed dial

    • I like the hansom approach. What ever makes you the most confident will work the best.

  • well go with your heart. this situation is what it is. go do somthing then go on with life

  • Can u chat with him?


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