I'm very anxious about asking this girl out, but I really want to. Please give me advice?

I liked this girl in my class and I tried to approach her a couple times early and she brushed me off. Later in the semester though she kept eyeing me and would smile slightly to herself. I got the feeling she started to like me. On the last day of class she asked me if I was on facebook and added me. She didn't add anyone else from the class. I messaged her once a couple days ago and she seemed pretty excited.

So I was thinking I should message her and ask her out. I'm going with some friends to an amusement park next week and could ask her if she wants to come along. But would that seem weird since she doesn't know my friends? I guess I could just ask her to a movie.

We never talked much so I feel like I barely know her which makes me feel more anxious. She seems shy.


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  • Dude, you're the only guy in the class she wanted to add on fb and then she seemed excited when you messaged her?
    Ask her out on a date - now! Not with your friends, like to a movie or for lunch or whatever.


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