As a balding guy, is my approach to dating, good or bad?

I'm 21 years old and balding, and realistically that will lower my chances with most girls around my age. So I've decided to hide my baldness by wearing a hairpiece, to keep my success rate as high as possible.
Now when dating a girl, she obviously won't know that I am balding, so my approach is to figure out whether she finds bald guys as attractive as guys with hair. Maybe ask her whether she thinks some bald celebrities look good or not.

If she does find it just as attractive, I will try to find a way to tell her without making a big deal out of it. And then as our relationship evolves I can ditch the hair piece and just be bald around here and not have to hide anything.

If she doesn't, then there is no point in taking the relationship any further, so I'll just bed her a few times then dump her and move on to the next girl?

Good approach or not?


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  • You may as well just be honest instead of a liar (and also apparent asshole based on the end of your description)

    • How many girls age 19-22 do you know of that find bald guys just as attractive as guys with hair?

      I'd rather be a liar and have a 40% success than be honest and have a 2% success rate.
      And in my opinion, this is just my opinion of course, girls that would reject a guy for being bald are assholes.

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    • "I'm afraid women are going to be assholes to me so I'm going to be an even bigger asshole first"
      Sound logic.

    • Convince me that I am wrong and girls 19-22 aren't shallow and its all about personality. Convince me that no girl would reject me just for being bald and find me just as attractive as if I had hair. Because if thats the case then there is no need for me to hide it.

      If I can meet and approach a girl bald, and it will have literally 0 effect on my chances with her, then I can be honest about it.
      Otherwise I have to hide. I just have to. I don't want to be rejected over and over again until I have to settle for a girl I don't find attractive

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  • Bad approach and let me tell you why.

    Yes I get it, it's terrible that you're balding but unless you can reverse it with Rogaine or some other medication it's time to accept who you are. You can't wear a hairpiece forever without them finding out so you're better off biting the bullet and shaving it all off. Plenty of guys are bald and can still attract women because it's not about the appearance most of the time, it's about the confidence and how you can handle yourself.

    It's better to be a bald man with confidence in himself than it is to be a man with a hairpiece with insecurities.

    • Actually nobody can tell I'm wearing a hair piece they look very real.
      As for the plenty of guys are bald part, at age 19-22, which is where I want to date at, 99% of guys are not bald. And are not even close to balding. So I am the odd one out, in a bad way.

      And it doesn't help that you're confident if young girls find bald ugly. A fat girl can be confident all she wants, her success rate with guys will be very low until she decides to get in shape.

      I'd want to keep my success rate as high as possible

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    • You've already made up your mind, I can't convince you nor will I, thats up to yourself.

      Let me ask you something, you ever see those guys who are really ugly, but they've got the baddest girls? You ever wonder how they got them? It's not always money; When it comes to girls, the way you look isn't the most important factor its about how you carry yourself. The eye analogy was pretty bad i'll admit what I should've said is.

      Girls dont care about appearance, it's all about your game.
      For us guy's it's the opposite it's all about a girl's appearance. If you want to know how to get girls, you've got to know how girls think.

    • I have once seen it, just once. Its not common at all without money being involved.
      I don't have time to understand girls, being able to attract girls just on looks alone is much easier and saves you a lot of time and energy.

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  • I know this is easy for me to say in my position... but i think you should just shave your hair. Embrace who you are.
    Wearing a hair piece doesn't sound all that comfortable, and at least then it will save the awkwardness of telling a girl you have been wearing a wig. Women will care more that you lied than the fact you are bald. Look at Lex Luther from Smallville... holy crap, he was sooo freaking HOT!


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  • Just be you. In my experience. Girls like guys who are themselves. Hiding who you are won't make things better. Because what if one day you forget to mention balding Celebrities, etc. And you take your hairpiece off. She notices you're balding. She won't hate you because you're bald. But she won't like you because you lied about something. So just be yourself rather than someone you're not.

  • Go full bald and own that shit. It is better to embrace than to lie to yourself or others just because of dating chance.

  • I see a lot of bald guys with women. My old roommate had a girlfriend (until he dumped her) and he was almost completely bald at 25.

  • No. I'd just go full bald instead of lying.

    • I'd rather lie and have a 40% success rate with girls than be bald and have a 2% success rate.
      This is of course with girls around my age, 19-22, most of them tend to find it ugly or at best a slight downgrade. And I don't want to be with a girl knowing that she prefers hair over bald.
      If I wanted to date older women, who are more open to it, then this would be less of an issue

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    • I actually just want people to be honest.
      Understand I'm doing this out of necessity. If I knew girls weren't shallow and its all about personality I wouldn't feel the need it hide my flaw.
      Dating is just a shallow, deceitful game with very little morals and you have to play it like that to optimize your chances. Especially when you're at the stage where long term relationships aren't important, and you just want to meet someone that's good looking and have fun

    • Well, honestly, I thought it was bad. End of.

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