Does he like me?

Guys, I really need your help, well we met few weeks ago and we're cool good friends, we flirt sometimes, he never tried to step up a date or just to meet up with me it's Alaways coincidence who does that for me, and that breaks my heart, he calls me cute, beautiful and everything he gives me Compliment on anything even my voice but still he doesn't manage to see me, we go to the same school by the way and exams are coming soon, so maybe he is just behaving this way because of studies or something, but he can ask me out to go and study together he really makes me unsure , because of these signes that I may got wrong or maybe he is doing it on purpose
Sorry for the long text!!


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  • Even if he compliments you we can't tell you exactly what is in his mind. He might be playing or he might be really into you. Who ever knows why he can't or isn't asking you out. You can get answers by talking to him.

    • should I ask him?

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    • Okeeey I will, Thankssss alooot

    • Good luck :)

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