Girls why 50% of the time are you complaining you don't get attention, and the other 50% compaining about the attention you do get?

You see in on here as well as real life all the time. 1 day "how come this guy doesn't approach me" Next day. "Why do guys keep tryna talk to me when I'm reading?"

Can't you just be simple instead of sending mixed signals. Perhaps then you'd get what you want.
  • Girls are mentally unstable
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  • Girls don't live for anything but the moment. Unless she's arguing. Then she lives in the past
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  • Girls are all hoes to some degree.
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  • Girls don't know anything, least of all what they want
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  • There is positive and negative attention. Wanting attention from a certain person doesn't mean being open to just anyone coming up to them. There are also rude and respectful ways of approaching. Even in your example it's made clear that they want a certain person to approach, but not just anyone.

    • Positive if you feel like it. Negative if your not in the mood at that moment. Well its hard for men to keep up whenbone minute she's begging for attention then compaining about it the next.

      I think it boils down to you lot are not happy unless complaining. Right?

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    • My door has never had a handle and now I'm really confused.

    • Then you should vote option 4

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