If he isn't interested than why going on a date?

So there's guy I like but I'm slightly confused.. We started talking about 3 months ago. He is super nice, funny, attentive and caring. He keeps talking and asks a lot of questions. We talk on daily basis and he opened up to me about some more serious stuff. (he has been hurt by his previous gf) We're having a date within a couple of weeks.

When he says things like "I'm afraid I won't find the right person"
I don't know how to feel about that?


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  • He may be trying to make a hint and invitation to be that person. I have said things like that. There are times I can express myself clearly and then there is all the times I can't.


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  • He likes you a lot. He has been hurt, so I think he's just afraid he'll get hurt by you if he has too much hope. He's just preventing himself from getting too hurt.


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  • He is hurt by what his ex did to him and hasn't fully recovered from it. He will get over it with time

  • I think he is i do the samething with my girlfriend

    • I mean i think he is interested but protecting himself

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