Why do guys like flings?

Why do guys like flings and hook ups? Why do they need to have them? Why do guys want them with me and not a relationship? Am I just that kind of girl guys go after for them? How should I change that? (By the way I say no to the hook-ups and flings to not get mixed up in things).


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  • You know - it's not just guys that like flings...it's girls too. Although I think we hear more about the guys playing the field because it's more socially acceptable than girls playing the field.

    That being said, I think that 1) people nowadays know that we don't have to settle down right away. So I think that they figure they'll have some fun before they DO settle down (and I can totally understand that!). 2) I think that people do that maybe because of past experiences in bad relationships. Once you're heart gets REALLY torn up, you want to take a break on the emotional side...but that doesn't mean you want to stop dating.

    • I do have some girls as friends that love to play the field. I am not saying I haven't played the field. I'm just ready for a more mature relationship, and I only seem to be attracting guys that want just flings. The reason I'm saying no to flings is to not to get hurt for wanting a relationship with them. That is why I'm asking why guys want them more right now than more mature relationships. I'm wanting to know if its an age thing or other factors of how I look or act.

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