Why do women like guys that are in relationships with other women?

Is it true that once a guy has a girlfriend, that other women will try to snatch him, because they are jealous? If so, why?

If that is the case, then that's why I have big trouble with women... I am single... A self-destructive cycle xD


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  • yes a lot of womem seem to go after taken men. personally i dont it usually happens with men i get with then the women crawl out i have more self respect than that. also its down to the man and how much he will entertain another women. make it clear you have no interest amd eventually the crawlers will go 😂

    • Hahaha, I figured. I guess I need to find a girlfriend, if I want to get women... But then again, how can I, if they won't go for single guys? xD

    • well there are plenty of girls who have more respect than that lol just wait the right one will come along

    • I have been waiting for a long time... It is easier said than done xD Especially when you are virgin male, and being ridiculed for it.

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  • It's the fact that they want what they can't have, and the fact that another woman found him good enough to date must mean that she would like him too. It's a challenge and women are incredibly cutthroat.


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  • I don't. They may as well not even exist to me.

  • Those types of women don't value loyalty, it's more about the challenge.

    • I know many women that only like to play mind games... I guess those women are the only ones that like to fuck around with guys that are already dating someone else? :/

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    • Well then that sounds like the women you meet suck. I've known girls your age look for those things personally.

    • A lot of them here do.

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