What the hell am I suppose to do? Sry so long.

So yesterday I invited my boyfriend of 5 months whom I am serious with over to drink and eat pizza later on that night. Told him we could have some fun*wink wink* He said he would come over. Well about 2 hrs before he came me and my sister and a roommate started early. We started doing shots and playing this gay drinking game. Well by the time it was over I was pretty drunk. I threw up so much and my sister was there for me. When my boyfriend came over I was laying in bed and he came and layed with me. I was in a "i don want anything to touch me" type of mood so I took off my jewelry and threw it across the room. I was sick to my stomach and couldn't rly move. I also started crying for a little bit. Well my boyfriend decided to leave and texted me some shit like how he blew off a trip to new orleans to hangout w me.said I wouldn't calm down and stop throwing shit and he isn't gonna put up w it.said he didn't do crying either.said he didn't wanna talk to me. I asked him what he wanted from me and he said absolutely nothing.then I asked why was he w me and he said he didn't know. Today I tried to call him and text him but he never responded, that is until 8:30 where he texted and said that he was w his friends all day and was gonna be w them all night and told me to lay off. Can't believe this shit. I figure if he can't handle me at my worst then he doesn't deserve me at my best. More info: I rarely drink and I wasnt acting bitchy towards him at all.


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  • well, one thing you need to know is that, when people are drunk, and you have someone come over that's sober. your in two total different moods. drunk people are obnoxious, and loud, and slur. when you have a sober person there, it can be annoying. so yeah, he seen you at your worst. and his mindframe, and your mineframe was not the same. he probably felt like, why did she invite me if she was gonna be drunk.

    i mean, id be upset too but I wouldn't cause a scene. but then again I'm 27. if I was 18 id be mad. but then get over it. drinking brings out the inner truth.

    a drunk mans words are what's in a sober mans mind.

    i remember when I was going to a friends house from work. my ex fiance and 2 of my friends were house sitting. they started drinking, when I got there, they were drunk. I had no time to catch up. they all wanted to go into the jacuzzi and I didn't wanna go. they all got naked and went in. I was upset that my fiance, my friend and his girl were all naked and laughing. I was not on the same page. I told them I'm going to bed and went to the living room and went to sleep. I didn't break up with my ex, I didn't get mad at my friends, I just was not on the same page as they were.lol if I was, we would have had a big 4some. my fiance, at that time, did get out of the jacuzzi and came to bed with me.

    everyone is different. he has his reasons to be mad, plus maybe he really only came over for just sex. so maybe its good that it did go how it did, cause you know now that he only wanted sex that night.

    • Thanks. I guess I do need to think about us not being on the same mindframe. I understand why he would be mad, but not to the point where he would ignore me all day today. I've wanted to talk to him so bad today but it seems like he just doesn't give a shit. I told him that I hope he doesn't let one night ruin us. Hopes he takes that to heart. Now I'm starting to think about all the times he said I love you to me is just bullshit. He is 20 btw.

    • He must have really really wanted to spend time with you.. he was looking forward to it more than going to New Orleans... when you were drunk and he couldn't have fun with you, he got really upset... If you did a role reversal, you may see that you would probably not call him for a day. He not calling you may make you realize that this should not happen again...

    • I told him sorry so much yesterday. I told him how much I wanted to work things out and talk to him. He just ignored all my texts and phone calls until like 1 am. He finally decided to come over and told me that he just wants to be alone. He said he has a lot of shit going on in his life and that its better if he is just alone, but he also said it wasnt the very end of us.

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  • You made the mistake of asking him to do something with you and then disrespected him by getting drunk before he could join the festivities. In doing so you wasted his time, worse still it ruined his plans for the trip to New Orleans, which you may or may not have been aware of. (you didn't specify) By blowing off his plans for spending time you with and then feeling that his time was wasted he blames you for the lost opportunity.

    Let's boil this all down to brass tacks. You got drunk, pissed off your boyfriend for wasting his time, and he also blames himself for choosing to spend time with you when he could have went on a trip to NO, and now you're blaming him because he's holding you responsible for your behavior while intoxicated and for wasting his time. That about sum it up?

    My guess is on top of all this the two of you had problems with the relationship and this was the last straw for him.

    • Wow, you and I should do a radio program. I agree 110%. I hope they brought gloves cause you smacked this one outta da park! - good stuff! j

  • If things went TRULY how you described them (I have considerable doubts of the judgment of any person who is wasted like you are) then your boyfriend is a jackass. How dare he put this on you like you were the villain. He showed up 2 hours late, and basically tells you off.

    I don't think you want a relationship like this. If he calls again I think you should demand an apology for his behavior.

    Though, I still believe there could be more to this story than is being said. So.yeah, his behavior was completely jackassish and just unbelievable, but is that all that happened? Maybe he thinks you got wasted and depressed and pathetic when he was gone for 2 hours and thinks you're a hopelessly dependent girl.

    Gotta brainstorm it. Ask the friends who were there.

    • I invited him over to come over later on after he got off work. I probably shouldve told him nvm but I rly wanted to see him. I rly have no idea why he is acting like this. He just won't talk to me. He can be upset with me because I was drunk when he got there that's fine, but he didn't need to ignore all day because of it. I just don't know.

    • Don't let him treat you like crap, that's all I can really say. You deserve more than some conflicted guy who goes off the deep end when he was the one late by 2 hours.

  • Or try this:

    How would you feel if you broke your plans to go away for the weekend with the girls to hang out with your boyfriend, then when you get there he's already drunk and when you try to cuddle and make the best of the situation he starts throwing stuff around the room and has a fit. Why should you apologize to him for calling him on that bad behavior? If anything he would owe you the apology.

    Now flip that back around to what happened and tell me who owes who the apology again?

  • You are more in the wrong then he is just like Nutz76 kind of stated.as for your more info, I don't know you, but I believe you when you say you rarely drink. but when you said you weren't acting bitchy towards him. you really were.though in a different state of mind. "dont touch me" kind of mood and throwing things is definately bitchy. As for your boyfriend, he should not have said things like he wants nothing to do with you and doesn't put up with crying and things like that, as well as tell you to lay off. if you still care for him and want to fix things. give him a message/voicemail or talk to him, saying your really sorry, would like to still be together and if he needs time to think about it give him a day or 2. good luck

    • I told him sry so much yesterday. I told him how much I wanted to work things out and talk to him. He just ignored all my texts and phone calls until like 1 am. He finally decided to come over and told me that he just wants to be alone. He said he has a lot of shit going on in his life and that its better if he is just alone, but he also said it wasnt the very end of us.

  • Hmmm. Could it be that things were boiling inside him and when he blew off something that probably meant a lot to him to put up with you he might have felt like shit. Once he calls down and you can get a hold of him try to talk to explain what happened and its was no big deal. Apologize for wasting his time.


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  • Her probably only was looking forward to one thing sex, so your better off without him.

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