Why do I keep losing my temper with her?

There is a female that I work at the hospital with. We are both nurses. We have been talking for 7 months and I do really care about her and she seems to have very strong feelings for me.

We havnt made anything official yet because I have an issue where I keep losing my temper with her over stupid shit. Things that don't require me to get mad over. Like the other night, another male who knows nothing about us started hitting on her, she didn't return anything and it happened in front of me but I flipped out and ruined her day and my day. she's upset with me now and rightly so.

This isn't the first time this has happened either. I just have this stupid temper and its ruining my relationship. I am coming off insecure and idiotic.

I work with her again tomorrow, how do I go about mending this with her and getting her to forgive me? And what should I do next time to prevent this from ever happening again?


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  • Go into anger management. Seriously.

    You're in the med field. You know this already, and yes, it means you. Do it first, and then tell her you're working on your anger.

    • I was thinking that too.
      How should I handle it tmrw when I see her? Should I pull her off to the side and talk to her? Or just let it be?

    • Go into anger management first. After you have an appointment scheduled, then Tell her. Towards the end of the day, say you need to talk with her. Be honest about how you have feelings for her, but after that the other day, you know that you need help to address this, so that's why you have an appointment on Onsday.

    • Or just skip the whole "have feelings for you" thing. This isn't the right time. Focus on what you're doing to manage your anger.

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