Girls, do you like when a guy your seeing gets a little jealous or even just acts like he is?

I'm kinda seeing this guy we've fooled around 4 times, only gone as far as oral. Today we were texting about Christmas shopping and a deal he'd found and I told him great gift (for his niece) then told him now find me a deal on Michael Kors wallet to go with my new purse. His response was "who is Michael, and why do you want his name on your luggage?" Lol. I know he was joking but I loved it!


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  • I prefer he gets aggressive with other men to let em' know what's his, but that's more an assertion to not harass me, it isn't a jealousy thing.

  • Sometimes i think its proof that he actually cares and doesn't want anyone else to have you like he does.


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