Worries about running out of things to talk about/what questions should I be asking?

To start off I will say that I'm not actually having a problem right now but I'm a worrier and always thinking of the future hence the questions. So I'm in a new relationship and I absolutely adore this girl. We talk on and off pretty much all day every day (an example of how much we talk would be today we're at 80 messages between the two of us and counting and today has been a slow day). We haven't run out of things to talk about yet but I fear someday we will (I know that's not necessarily a question but comments and advice on that are appreciated). Also we're not actually dating yet we're just talking but we've talked about dating when she's ready (long story about why she's not ready and it's not relevant) she's asked me a bunch of questions about dating me (am I a cuddler, do I drink, would I like to show off our relationship to other people etc.) but I'm new to all this and haven't really thought about what kind of questions I should be asking. I know a ton about her and I'm honestly just over the moon that she likes me. So what questions should I be asking?


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  • Anything that shows that you're listening to her, refer to a conversation you've had in past, also questions that allow her to explain a lot, because it will probably bring more questions for you. Show interest in whatever she's talking, girls like knowing that they are listened to. But also you should always aim to ask something you actually want an answer to


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