She's incredibly hot and cold. What next?

I've been seeing this girl for about 3 months and she's strangely hot and cold. Not your typical every other day hot and cold, but like month on/ month off. When we started seeing each other things were great, and after about a month she went cold, as in no contact. I assumed she lost interest and just went on with my life, and then a few weeks later she's more into me than ever. We go out five or six times and now she's gone cold again. She's opened up to me about her depression and trust issues, and we have a really strong emotional and physical connection. She even wanted us to get Christmas presents for each other, and was testing me to see if I wanted to start a relationship. She's definitely not stringing me along because we've had sex a few times and she confides a lot of her emotions, feelings, and past into me. I'm assuming she is testing to see if I'm clingy or has some things she needs to sort out so I'm giving her the space. I'm making the right move here right?


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  • You said she opened up to you about her depression and trust issues... those two things right there could definitely explain her behaviour. Its going to take time for her to overcome these issues.


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