Are we broken up for good?

Long story short. Me and this girl have been together for 4 months, 3 is those were the best months of my life. We were amazing together, we started having some issues. She said she kinda stopped feeling like I chased her and making her feel valued, which in turn made her feel like I was losing my feelings for her. But I wasn’t, I just turned my attention to her families approval and other thing and forgot the most important approval of all and the only one that matters which is hers. We broke up like a month ago, I’m 2 and she’s 18, she hasn’t really had a chance to see what’s out there. A week after we broke up she told me she loved me and that’s why this is all so hard. She hasn’t taken down any of our pictures, I am giving her space to breathe and either miss us being together, or go be happy single or with someone else which is all I want for her. She just followed one of my sisters on Instagram last night, he family still follows me. We aren’t speaking much, but it seems like there’s still a chance, should I hang tight and let things play out and give her the space she needs to see if she comes back? I feel like if she wanted to be broke up she wouldn’t have our pictures up and be following my siblings and stuff. Do I be there’s for her and continue to be kind, but not reach out a bunch let her see what life’s like without me?


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  • I think she is confused about you. She loves you still i think. You need to show her that you love her too. Get her some flowers.


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