I feel like he is backing off, any opinions?

Hello everyone, so about 4 months ago i started talking to a guy who lives far away from me. We never met but we talked every single day all day. We both felt very strong connection, mental, intellectual, sexual. He has been hurt a lot in past and he told me all about it. He also seems very closed, quite and humble. He also told me he is very hard to trust people after what happened to him. So once things got to be more about confessing attraction and sexual between us he, all of a sudden made a distance ( meaning we didn't talk for over a week, he told me he is busy over Christmas holidays ). I said its all good and i will wait until he calls me.
But i feel like there is more behind that. I am afraid that things maybe got too intense too fast and that he wasn't ready yet to get that much into it. At the end of the day we live far from each other but its clear that we got a thing for each other which is already complicated enough.
I know its common in case of women who have been hurt in past to kinda back of a bit once things start to get more intense but i don't know if the same thing happens with men too?
Maybe i am just exaggerating, and maybe he is only all about holidays but still i do have a feeling that things got more intense than he can actually handle.
What should i do now?


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  • Ask him if everything's alright, tell him how you feel and that you'd like to talk about it when he's got some time. Tell him you're not angry about it (well, if you're not, otherwise no point in lying), just that you care very much for him and you'd hate to make him feel uncomfortable about anything.

    Seems like you two have already opened up a whole lot. It's great! Communication is a key aspect of a relationship and you're in luck if you've already got that covered. This means you can easily have a long chat with him so the both of you can clearly understand what's on your respective minds.


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