Why he blocked my number?

i was talking and texting this guy for almost 5 months and eventually we went on a date, it went very well and he texted me the same night and day after and said we should hang out more , blah blah..
anyway, then two days later he was kinda cold and was not that much engage to text me back, but my mistake, i end poi eventually go to his place and we slept together , i left at midnight and he texted me good night and the next day he texted me, but again he was not that much into it, i guess and then i kinda was so mad so the next day when he didn't text , i blocked his number and his instagram. i was very mad and didn't want to do anything with him. but then i cool down abit and tried to text him like 2 days after but my text didn't go through. he blocked me. i am not sure why? did he blocked me before i did or after. i just need to know why he did that. also i can still add him on insta, do you think it is good idea or not. please help me,


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  • He blocked you because you overreacted and blocked him.
    You fucked up, move on and try to show some patience next time.

  • You blocked him, over reaction
    He blocked you, consequence of your over reaction.

    Also its amazing to see that your response yo him not engaging in texting is to sleep with him 😂

    • lol. he was not at first but he end up responding and engaging and then i slept with hi.

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    • I'm not saying the I am right, because I dont know that.
      All I'm saying is that dont put emotions ahead of logic

    • true, but i have been super dramatic so far! so one more time basically nothing to lose! ha! but i am not sure if he accept my request or no

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