Why hasn't he talked to me?

i went on a date. we have been already talking for a month and a half. he asked me when we were going to be official. i responded "i dont know if your being for real"? he then says he loves me at the end of the date. i didn't say it back. he said "you're not going to say it back"? he also makes a snap chat video of me saying this is my future wife and sends it to his friends. we havnt talked. the date was on Tuesday. he did send me some snap chats but i didn't respond to them. i didn't know what to say? so i dont know what to do.


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  • You're telling him you are NOT interested. How can you expect someone to want to strike up conversation with you when you've completely brushed them off and seemingly ignored them coincidentally since after he bared his feelings to you.

    Even if you don't know what to say, something is better than nothing. This is, you know, if you actually DO want to continue having some form of relationship with him. Just be honest with what you're feeling or even lack of feeling. Again something's better than nothing, he's not a mind reader.


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