Does NC really work?

well almost 4 weeks ago I was sort of “dumped” by this guy. I say sort of because we were never really dating but we did everything together as if we were in a relationship. he ended it over a dumb excuse and said he doesn’t think we’ll work out. of course I was sad and 4 weeks later I’m still a wreck but not as much as I was before. I miss him more than anything still. he randomly unfollowed me on Instagram yesterday and it made me upset and happy at the same time. I unfollowed him first two weeks ago but we haven’t talked for 4 weeks so I thought it was random for him to just unfollow me yesterday. it makes me think that maybe he misses me and doesn’t want me popping up on his Instagram idk! but I get sad seeing how many people talk about how successful NC has worked for them and it’s been 4 weeks and I’m miserable. does this really work or should I just give up?


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  • It works better than staying friends and junk, but nothing is an instant fix. Either way, relax, some guy will probably take your mind off him soon enough.

  • No it doesn't work, the main idea of NC is that you want to have some free time to yourself, have fun and forget about everything, improve yourself. It's not NC that will make things work but it's what you do during and after NC. For example if you screwed up and became a crazy girlfriend, NC is a time where you can fix yourself, get rid of bad habits. NC is not created so you can get someone back, it's what you do after the break up that will get someone back. Those that did get their partner back, their stories are different.


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