How do you deal with psycho ex girlfriend claiming she’s still with your bf?

Hello me and my current boyfriend has been LDR (3 hrs city away) for 1 month now. We met through a friend 3 months ago. I do trust him and his been showing me sincerety ever since. He has this ex girlfriend 9 months ago of 3 yeas relationship. I posted a picture of us for first time and apperantly she been stalking me or something. She starts calling us like more than 10x and messaging me that They were together for 4 years now and that she eneded it just now cause his “cheating” with me. At first I almost believed her but the shady thing was they were not friends in any social media and she doesn't have any picture of him. He did mentioned before that his ex was diagnosed with depression and attempted suicide after the breakup. Would that contribute to it? I don't know this is just bothering me like why would she do this? Could she be honest or what deluded or trying to ruin us. I know my boyfriend is honest cause he didn't avoid the situation he wanted me to feel secure so he called his cousin and mom spontaneously and made them to elaborate his pass what happened and when they broke up. He also suggested me to message the people who knew him and his ex. This is just crazy like do these type of exes exist?
Apperantly she also tries to call his mom too and stand outside the front door trying to talk to them. This is getting crazy


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  • Have you and your boyfriend block her on everything

    • She just recently started bothering us like yesterday. My boyfriend is changing his number and we blocking her. But she finds ways through mutual friends and through his mom or even knocking at his door which is scary

    • Her parents? Actual friends? If it gets too serious there's always the police (but the one that's friendly to everyone) that can talk to her and if she still does it then you can file a report

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  • Yep, they exist. She's crazy, just ignore her.

  • Sure they exist

    • Why did they break up though?
      Because whatever it was, it took a toll on her

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    • Thats just hear breaking 😣

  • Tell her to fuck outta here


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