Never take advice from women?

I've always figured that if I need dating advice about a woman the best method is to get it from another woman bc who knows women better than women, right? But for some reason guys always tell me to NEVER take dating advice from women, why is that?


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  • Women don't actually want what they say they want they say they want a really nice sweet guy but in actuality they want to a guy that takes charge and a guy this time of badass

  • From a woman's point of view, when a guy asks, "How do I attract women?", this translates to "How would a guy attract me?". The answer to that question is obviously "Be the kind of guy I'm attracted to." A woman will typically list a number of traits she finds appealing and tell the guy to acquire those traits.

    Or the advice may be confined to the much-maligned line "be yourself". When put into practice, this advice will actually end up turning off almost all women if you're not already a self-actualized person.

    No woman is looking for some sort of chameleon who'll conform himself to whatever he thinks she wants. Women aren't attracted to guys they don't respect. But a lot of guys take dating advice from women and try to make themselves into the theoretical guys women say they're looking for.

    The real answer to the question is to become the best version of yourself, and be the unique individual that you are. But being unique means expressing some qualities within yourself that not everyone is going to find attractive. You can't become a unique person without turning some people off. Different people are looking for different things. You can't please all the people all the time, as they say. So don't bother trying. You have to accept the fact that not everybody's going to be into you.
    What women really want is a guy who possesses all the qualities she's looking for because he actually is the guy she's looking for, not because he's pretending in order to impress her.
    You don't want to make yourself into what she says she wants. That's working backwards. You want to make yourself into what you want to be, and then meet a lot of women and see which ones are looking for the unique individual you are.


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