Been looking for a girlfriend my whole life, but no one I like ever seems interested?

Im just so tired of being single, and really want someone that I can love. I dont know where to go any more!


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  • I think the fact that you're "looking" is the problem! Whenever I'm life you go searching for something like that you are unlikely to find what you want. Often the best things in life come when you're not expecting it! It sounds cliche and everyone says it but really the reason you don't have a girlfriend is not because people don't like you.. I'm sure there's lots of people that do! Try making a move on people you're interested in what've you got to lose? So stop looking and wait to see what life has in store for your because you never know what's round the corner! Good luck!😊


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  • How are you doing things?
    Just being nice and friendly won't get you a girlfriend...

    • Im not sure what else to do... people say be yourself, and well, that is myself

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    • doesn't go further than the store... nothing goes beyond the moment.

    • There lies the problem.
      You need to establish trust and confidence - and you can't gain that on small talks.

      You need to go out with them. I know it's creepy to just ask a random lady for her number. Try with common friends.

      Go out, have lunch, walk in the park, grab a coffee.

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