Too much time between first date and second date: bad?

So had my first date with this guy recently and we really hit it off. He kept making future plans to take me to an opera house and invited me to visit him at his office (he’s a first yr phD student and I’m a senior in college). The thing is we both left for home for the holiday break and will probably not see each other for maybe 2-4 weeks.

He texted me the day after our date and said that it was lovely to meet me, that he’s catching his flight but that he’ll be thinking about me over the holiday and looks forward to seeing me when we get back. I thought he was very sweet but will we still have any recollection of attraction that we had from the first date? Will he still feel the same? I mean it’s only been a few days and it’s a bit odd to me because I haven’t seen him but I remember that when we were on the date I was attracted to him and enjoyed his company. I just don’t want to have my second date end in a hug like the first date because we don’t know each other that well.


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  • So, in this situation you express to him your interest and maintaining that chemistry of the first date by texting him, chatting him up alittle throughout the break you guys are on so when you go on the second date when he gets back itll feel a lot less " wow i haven't seen you in forever " and more " Oh hey, i can't believe its been a week!".


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  • Ask him if he wants to schedule a second date for after the holidays, so you guys have something to look forward to and have some anticipation build.
    I had my own interest for a girl fizzle over the holidays a long time ago and my biggest regret back then was not scheduling a second date ahead of time.

  • It don't matter once you date him again if you guys like each other you hit off again


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