Is it possible that one can miss their chance to have a fulfilling love life due to not having experience?

This question is especially about men, as women are considered more valuable for being "inexperienced" and "chaste" and whatever other Virgin Mary shit you can stick to them. But a lot of a man's "masculinity", whatever the fuck that really is, is tied up in having sex with a lot of women, having a lot of relationship experience and just generally having a history. If a man hasn't been in a relationship, or even worse (for him), hasn't had sex by a certain age, is it just too late for him?

I don't want pity answers, or "just believe in yourself!" pop-psyche B. S.. Would YOU honestly date someone with no experience. And I don't mean you would "consider" dating them if they were right in every other way. Would you date someone you've had a crush on before if you found out they had never had a girlfriend/boyfriend?


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  • Dude this is... so totally not a thing.
    If you think this is a thing, you've probably been poisoned by the same corners of the internet that push the idea that being under 6 feet tall is a "sexual death sentence", or that women make relationship decisions based on the length of a boy's penis.

    Don't listen to that corner of the internet. Those boys will believe ANYTHING, if it lets them keep avoiding the blame for their own shortcomings, and if it gives them an excuse not to work on themselves. (Those are the same boys who also talk themselves into believing shit like "women aren't even sexually attracted to men" — because they're THAT hell-bent on not accepting that the problem is THEIRS, that they would literally rather deny the fundamental biology that keeps the human species on earth.)


    I socialize a LOT. Including, essentially, socializing for a living (... well, not directly, but that's how I ••generate•• business). I know THOUSANDS of couples, and hundreds upon hundreds of singles.

    You know how many real-life women I've ever met, who'd actually discriminate against a boy BECAUSE he has a low "number"?
    Not a single one.

    Plenty of them, on the other hand, WOULD choose against entering a rl with a boy who DOES have a "high number".
    And even when women are open to that sort of thing... dude... women want to be SPECIAL. Both emotionally and sexually. So, those of us who don't rlly care how much "sexual experience" a boy has, will sure as hell vet the boy a lot harder for... making us SPECIAL. We won't be open to that unless we're ••sure•• that we're on a whole 'nother level from all the other women he's been with.
    (And I don't think it's just women who generally feel this way.)


    In general, men and women with "high sociosexuality" (= basically, the more promiscuous ones) tend to pair off together... as do men and women with lower "sociosexuality" (= the ones who haven't accumulated as much "experience", and/or who reserve sex for when there's an emotional bond).
    ... and that's just something that basically ••happens••. Mostly because those traits are so well aligned with a lot of other things about how people socialize and construct relationships together — NOT because people are CONSCIOUSLY making decisions on the basis of "sexual experience".


    To whatever extent you might observe a correlation (between a boy's supposed experience and his desirability as a rl partner) — you can pin that on things like confidence and

    • self-assurance. Because, 99.99% of the time, a boy who's been with a decently long list of women is at least going to be free of crippling insecurities, debilitatingly strong hang-ups, and deal-breaking social awkwardness — and, yes, THOSE things DO get in the way of a healthy relationship (for obvious reasons).
      But srsly... if it's anything — which, for the most part, it isn't (except in the minds of those aforementioned internet boys... most of whom have never actually socialized with real live women in their lives) — then it's THOSE things, not the "sexual experience".

    • This is a very detailed, good answer. And you're definitely right. That said, I wonder if the last point you made about the correlation couldn't work overall. Like women can trust that other women have vetted this man, found him wanting, and that is the queue to take moving forward. Most people want others to be jealous of their significant other. If no one else wanted the person to begin with, then they must not have much value at all. The lack of experience could just be a warning flag as I see it. But thank you!

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  • I consider men more valuable if they are less experienced and not sluts that sticked it everywhere. I dont know how would I ever trust a guy experienced as that nor its attractive to me. Many girls I know have no issue with guy experience whatsoever. You just need to own it and have your own opinon on it; you are not that experienced cause you are not a damn rabbit that fucks all in sight. That all experience bull is overrated.

    • Actually, I have fucked quite a few women. It's just none of them wanted to be in a relationship with me afterwards. So, I guess this doesn't really apply to me either way. But thanks, it was a very good answer. You'll probably get MHO.

    • you asked "Would YOU honestly date someone with no experience" and apsolutely yes, even preferable, no any exes drama you need to deal with and my man is mine only

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  • No. I don't. When my friend was 40 years old, obese, he was still living in mom's basement, working several part time dead end jobs, still a kiss less virgin, hating his life. At one of them, he met a woman there who became motivation for him to change himself for the better. He earned enough to get an apartment of his own and lost over one hundred pounds. Two years later, he put a ring on it and they are expecting their first child. It is never too late.

    • I'm gonna be honest, I don't believe you at all. But thanks for what you were trying to do.

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    • Yeah? Where did you, the 26 year old male, meet this 40 year old virgin that you became friends with? lol

    • You still have an MHO, because no one else is responding, so knock yourself out being cruel to me.

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