Is his baby mom's going to be a issue?

Hi, Im a 23 ( turning 24 shortly) woman. I just recently started dating a man who I came to find out has 2 kids under 3. Now A lot of people will say I'm too young move on. However we have a connection that I dont want to give up just because he has kids. BUT his baby mom might be a problem. There a huge red flags like he still has her name in his phone as "babe" he NEVER picks up her calls while he is around me and he NEVER answers my calls while he is around her. I'm sure these are obvious signs that he still is in a physical relationship with her but I still feel the need to get some advice.

Thanks in advace


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  • Take it slow and don't be too invested. I think you meant "I'm too young to move in" so this is my response.

    For me, I have to know everything if I'm going to be committed. I would have to communicate what I think is necessary such as his current relationship with his baby mama, Finance (how responsible is he and if you are contributing anything), Time (Time with Kids and his Baby Mama), and living situation.

    Understanding his mind set, goals, and responsibilities are key in this relationship. And although they are loaded questions, they are questions that will eventually come up. Also have a backup if things go south because there's bound to be some drama. I'm not going to say whether or not he's a good guy or not. but this is my two cents to protect yourself from disappointment from the aspect of being used.


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  • Yes ur just having a physical relationship n he have nothing more feeling in u than sexual. U should look a good non married guy n have best relationship

  • She will always be a issue in any relationship he has.

  • Yes it will be an issue... he hasn't moved on yet


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