Is this a bad thing or am I just being selfish?

There’s a guy that has been interested in me (and I him) for awhile. We’re both not interested in dating unless it’s going to be serious (long-term) so we’re seeking it out.

My my family had him over last night for dinner and I felt like he was only with my siblings the whole time. (I have 8 siblings 16 and under and and one elder sister) He talked to them, played with them, and I didn’t get to talk to him very much.

After he left he texted me and said how great of a time he had/how he loves my family/etc.

i feel like I’m overthinking it, but I’m still disappointed that he was basically only with my family the whole time.

should I get over it and look at this as a good thing? If so, why?


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  • Well it's good that he wants to involve himself with your family and I think he was really trying. You may be disappointed that his attention was elsewhere but perhaps he wanted to prove to you that he was being sincere and wanted to be a further part of your life by getting to know your family.


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  • He was trying to impress your family. You’re being silly.

    • Wdym silly

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    • Why would he be meeting your family if he wasn't interested?

    • He’s really good friends with all my siblings and I guess I just didn’t know if that was all

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  • I think he was trying his best to get to know your family think of it as a good thing I'm sure he wanted to spend time with you but thought that it's best to get to know the family as their opinion is important and he knows you and get to see you more often

  • lol, he was just trying to impress ur family


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