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There is this guy that I have liked for a little while. We are friends, I want to be more but I have never told him how I feel. He is newly single (he was with this girl for a little over three months) they were pretty serious but he has been telling me about their break up. He says he doesn't really care and that he feels fine. His ex may even be moving to a different school. He liked me at the beginning of the year but I was not ready for a relationship but I am now. Do you think I could get that back? Could I get him to like me?


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  • Is muscular men attractive? :)

    • Yes. Why don't you just create a question yourself rather than asking a question on other peoples questions

    • sory :D very muscular or moderately muscular?

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  • If someone has liked you before a relationship it doesn't necessarily mean that feeling goes away right when they get into a relationship. It gets pushed aside to be with someone else they care for.

    I recommend just making sure he IS over his ex even though it was only 3 months of dating. because you don't want ex's or those feelings involved in a relationship with you.
    Then just kinda go you know how before you started dating her, and you liked me, but I wasn't ready, I was just wondering if those feelings are still there about me?


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