Does he like me or was he avoiding me?

Okay so I need some honest help here. I was paying for parking not too long ago when my crush all the sudden appears right in front of me. I was pretty shocked. His eyes were looking all over the place and he was looking around at everything except me. It seemed he was trying not to look at me even though we star at each other sometimes from a distance. I could tell he wasn’t going to say hi so I casually did. He responded nicely and we went our separate ways. Was he trying to avoid me?
So today my crush was in the copy room and as soon as he saw me it looked like jumped liked shocked. When I came over to ask him for help on our homework he just wrote down the solution to the problem barely looking at him or speaking. He asked if I needed help with anything else and was nice. Does it sound like he’s shy or not interested?


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  • No. He's awkward, but no, that doesn't sound like avoiding.


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