Friend's boyfriend is being childish, needy, and possibly manipulating her? What should she do?

I've been asked for advice by my close friend.

So, she missed a call from her boyfriend. She's balls deep in a masters degree essay right now which has to be handed tomorrow. He calls her. She misses his call cause she's in the zone. He blatantly accuses of her "just chilling" . (She ignored my messages too but I didn't get arsy with her cause I knew she was busy.) So, he acts all childish when she does message him. Then suddenly says "I'll stop talking don't stress out " yada yada yada. He's done this type of thing before.

For example on her birthday , she was answering the door to the postman. He calls. She ignores it. Tells him that she didn't receive the notification, he gets all defensive saying to her "are you accusing me off lying?" Another time, he tells her he's not going into uni today (She's 22, he's 27) cause he can't be arsed , he was teasing her here trying to push her buttons to get a reaction out of her.

I feel he's being emotionally manipulative here, maybe trying to see if she does care about him, i'm not sure. So the background, they met through an app (Bumble) She's very co-dependent on a guy. They both go to the same university. He's doing a PHD atm too. They've only been dating a couple of months , he's a volunteer police man which is like a special constable in the UK
He's Muslim, so I don't know if it's part of their culture or something?


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  • No its not. Leave the religion out of it.

    • I said I'm not sure if it's part of their culture! Cause she's had another person do this to her before hand!

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    • I don't like, does that mean cause she's going to spend time with her family at Christmas he ends up being a sulky child?

    • Just stop focusing on him. Both of you. Let him have his fit. Don't even bother paying attention to him.

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  • His culture has nothing to do with it☺. I tjimk they meed to sit down and talk, if she's working to get her masters than she needs to tell him that sometimes she will be to busy to pick up the phone at the moment but she do needs to actually pick ip the phone when he calls sometimes he probably feels like he's doing something wrong or that she really doesn't like him, she needs to reassure him that he's doimg great as a boyfriend communication is important in a healthy relationship

    • I know that now, I kinda regret saying that but when she's had dates in the past that are Muslim, you kinda put two and two together then come up with five. My mistake on that part. He does feel that way sometimes, cause when she was with family one time she couldn't face-time and he instantly thought that she was bored of him, when she was just genuinely busy. It feels like to me that he doesn't really trust her , cause he didn't believe her that she was doing her essay at times too.

    • They just need to sit down talk and reach an understanding

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