My work crush hugged me/kissed my cheek at the work Christmas party could she be interested in me?

She made a point out of coming over to where I was seated and doing it and she was sober which many of my coworkers remarked afterwards she could do it without alcohol.

We do enjoy working together and she is like 12 years older than me so I don’t know if she was being friendly as an older woman or testing me out at the Christmas party to see my reaction? We do sometimes private message each other on Facebook outside work sharing general stuff so I don’t know if she is starting to feel something.
Update she has never hugged me at work before so the Christmas party was the first time she got really touchy freely.


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  • It's possible she is interested, though without more detail into your relationship and what you talk about (which you don't need to share), it's hard to know if she was just being polite or if she had more intent.


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