How much is too much when texting?

I met this girl about a week ago at a party and got her number that night. We texted a little bit that night and she said she was "really glad that she met me." We ended up going out to dinner like 3 or 4 days afterward. I think it went really well and we both laughed a lot. I can't stop thinking about her and every time I do I want to text her to see how she's doing. There in lies the problem. Now I'm not texting her like 4 times a day. I usually text her once and then if she answers that message we talk but if she doesn't I just wait until the following day. I'm kind of worried that I might have messed my chances up but have been trying to find some input on the situation


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  • Instead of txting to the point that you think it may be too much, why don't you just see her again? It is easy to have uncertainties about what a new person is thinking about, especially when it comes to how they feel about you. At this point things are very new for both of you and one date doesn't really tell you enough about each other. Girls LIKE to know your thinking about them, but they like it even more if they know you want to spend real time with them.


    1- Ask her out again!

    2- if you think the txting is too much then cut back a little. When you do txt, make them fun and flirtatious.

    and 3- be up-front with her, the more she knows that you really like spending time with her the more comfortable she will be


    • Hey thanks for the imput. I've been trying to hang out with her more but thurday, friday, and today (sunday) she had to work. I'm just hoping it all works out

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