Being the leader in the relationship is a double edged sword. Sad huh?

I find that being the role as a guy and being the "leader" that it kind of bites you in the ass. Mainly because the guy is supposed to setup dates, start the conversations, etc. The problem is if you get carried away with this you just end up pushing her away. Opinions?


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  • Your own destructive behavior such an desire to control aspects of your life might be the suspect of the issue; also it seems like your aware of the behavial pattern.
    Maybe ask yourself why do you ultimately seek control in every romantic relationship?

    • I'm not seeking control. Just saying that women typically expect the guy to do the chasing, but at the same time it bites you in the ass.

  • the only way relationships work is equality. if one assumes a role or think they need to play a role it usually ends one way


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