New to online dating, should I put that I like to cuddle/snuggle? How would a girl take that?

I'm more of a physical lover. I enjoy being physically close to a girl. I don't mean having sex quickly I mean like I enjoy holding her hand hugs cuddles... I also enjoy spending quality time with women and long walks while we talk.

I'm not sure how to say what I like and am looking for any advice?

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  • Iomg that’s perfect I have that exact thing on my only dating account. I said I like to cuddle and be present in the moment and I also enjoy long walks.

    • Sweet so we probably have similar love languesges which is how we convey and received love the most.

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  • The more honest the better I think, why not list all your vulnerabilities so girl know there getting honest guy

    • I can't tell if your being real or sarcastic but I will on it. Not here on gag though.

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  • To be honest when I read that on a guys profile it sounds to me like he's only after one thing. I know your saying your not so leave it out. Once you go on a few dates with a girl you can then just show her you like cuddling etc without actually saying it.

    I don't know to me it sounds weird telling someone that you like cuddling

    • Really from a lot of girls and female friends. I hear that they want to cuddle but guys just want sex. Or that thier boyfriends don't know how to just cuddle. Thanks for your advice.

  • I personnally think it's cute! I know me anyway loves a guy that likes to cuddle!


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  • Dude I’m not a chick, but to me you would sound weak and like a try hard

    • Well what would you suggest? That is just a portion that I'm curious about. That is not all of it.

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    • Bro I think every man wants that including me. But first impressions are important, you don’t want to come off as needy and generic. Mate you sound like a nice guy, so don’t worry too much. I think we’re just overthinking it :)

    • Also there is a YouTube video telling you how to properly set up your tinder account, I think it’s from the channel based Zeus

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