How to truly know she's cheating?

I've seen the signs and patterns and literally change in habits but also I address it in a well right out adult manner and just said please be honest and literally she's lied over n over and I'm just seeing her looking got problems and distrust rather then team work.


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  • If she doesn't communicate or dont want to give her the gift of missing you forever.

    • That's what I did and she's so clever that she made it unbearable for me that she knew id leave and knew she would block me forever says something

    • Are you telling me that you want a partner that will do that to you or a partner that will be honest or at least respectful?

    • Well who truly knows because she say she's loved me and showed it with affection and love but communication was terrible between us and is been over I guess just curious now... I kinda knew it wouldn't work

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