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What would you do if you're dating someone and you really love them. But their best friend was someone you use to be very close with but you two didn't work out. But the friend has also hurt you multiple times. And you no longer can talk or see him or want him in your life.

And you know the person you're with won't choose which one to have stay in their life.
But you can't stand that they're friends.

And you really want to have a good year in 2018 and get rid of everyone that has hurt you and restart but this kinda stops that.


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  • Personally, I'd keep dating said person, but let them know you don't want anything to do with their friend, and tell them why! Also clarify that you don't expect him to stop being friends with that hated person. It's a tough situation, but not one that can't be worked out.

    • Oh he knows and he hates that I'm upset about it but he doesn't know what to do. And I can't let go that his best friend hurt me

    • Then the best I can say is simply ask that whenever the two of you are together he's not there. Otherwise there isn't much else to do except power through and hope your relationship is strong enough to withstand it.

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  • You can't ask him to get rid of friends because you don't get along, regardless of the situation. We all have a past and unless the friend has hurt your new love,... It's not his fault.

    If I was in that situation, I would explain the situation to your partner, explain why you can't be around him, tell him you're not asking him to chose, but he needs to appreciate how you feel going forward when it comes to socialising. He can make time for his friend when you're not around.

  • Tell your crush that. If he liked you enough he will do that.

  • need more specifications, then u may continue or move on


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