Nerdy girls that dont get out often - whats the best way to meet you?

I fall into a very specific niche. Polyamorous alt punk nerd. It's really tough finding people to date (and not because of being poly!) It seems most of us are on the same page, just difficult to find.

Where do you like to hang out? I know most girls avoid board game meetups and other similar meetups because guys suck and can't socialize normally without expecting more from every cute girl.


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  • Bookstore! I’m not the same niche as you but I feel like that’s where all of us weirdos end up somehow.
    And yes. I avoid board game and video game meet ups because I am actually scared of the men there. Even my boyfriend is scared of the men there stalking him and kidnapping me 😂 You’re right on that one.
    Find a bookstore with a cafe! My bookstore has a coffee shop in it and let me tell ya, it’s the only nerdy place I feel safe as a woman, and I find plenty of other women there (who I usually end up fucking not gunna lie) who feel the same.
    Gay friendly cafes (i know not everyone is gay, but it’s a safe place for nerdy women), this one may be because I live in Utah and if you’re not Mormon and perfectly normal you’re vexed.

    • Also online could be good as well.

    • That has been my #1 source so far, it works well because I can really identify the right people but it's definitely not as nice as meeting somewhere over a shared interest :)

  • Try going to a bookstore or a library or any peaceful, comfortable and quiet place. Some places that has many beautiful and attractive sceneries.


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  • Lol that's a genius question let me know when you found out the answer


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