Newbie In Relationships?

Okay so I'm 22 never ever had any girlfriend cause I was too busy handling my household shit and being raised in a gender segregated society never know how girls think things that turn them on/off e. t. c, So basically I wanna know how to start a conversation (this sounds stupid though) but I wanna start a conversation being original as a guy not as a creep or pervert, every girl is different but I'm looking for serious relationships and a way to take things forward in a good and funny way, Guys opinions preferred


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  • Don't be too creepy, just be nice and friendly, once you see u got their trust, sneak in some flirts here and there, i know it differs from a woman to another but most girls will be interested if they welcome your flirts while others will just ignore them or change the subject if they're not interested. And remember, keep the flirts smooth and with the right doses, there's a time to fall back and let the fire burn in their hearts.
    And remember this, if u want to feel the wonderful feeling of love, aim for the heart, not the vagina xD


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