Short and flirty vs long and deep convos?

Over text. Is it okay to go back and forth 4 or 5 times and keep it short and sweet? We have had long deep text convos, but I don't always feel like having to text all day long if I started a message at like noon. Or that I must come up with new topics to text about.



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  • I think variation is fine. No one has time to text long deep things all day long. Maybe have some phone conversations too for the deep stuff when you have time

    • Yeah, I can try and do that for sure! So if If a guy just let the convo go, not like ignoring you like there just isn't anything more to add without brining up a whole new topic, what would you think?

      Like i just sent her a cute video telling her it made me think of her. we flirted and now i am letting it go..

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    • True! Great advice.

      What do you think about her being gone for 5 weeks. We haven't gone on a date yet or nothing, just group settings. But i did tell her that I like her so she knows but isn't certain about it though we do flirt. How should i handle the LDR with her?

    • 5 weeks isn't much of an LDR. I think it'll be fine. Just keep talking then maybe go on a date when she gets back and make it more official. I would do facetime/skype while she's gone if you guys are comfortable.

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  • Over text you don't have long drawn out convos, text is a tool for logistical purposes. The long "get to know you" type convos are in person where you can be present in the moment

    • Well she is gone for 5 weeks. So texting/phone are the best options lol... but you are right.

    • In that case you make a phone call, the thing with texting is that is easier for a guy to screw up and start saying a lot of sht, ramble and become boring to the girl without noticing and then he complains why she "suddenly" grew cold

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