If a guy says that you’re the first person he’s thought about marriage with, does it mean he wants to marry you?

Does this mean you’re someone he wants to marry?


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  • It means he's definitely thinking about it. It doesn't necessarily mean he is about to propose anytime soon.
    Maybe have a talk with him sometime about what he meant and if he is serious and really thinking about it then let him know whether you feel the same or are not ready yet.

  • Not necessarily right now. Just that he's saying you're the first person he actually feels that close to.

    Might be a line, might be sincere. Either way it doesn't mean right now

    • I know it doesn't mean right now lol. I was just asking does this mean he would like to get to get married to me at some point in time.

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    • Oh sorry to hear that. Yea I know he's being sincere. He also wants us to move in together.

    • Definitely good! I'm happy for you then

  • its all about the first love... maybe he meant it... but be careful

    • I'm not his first love. He's been in love before.

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