How to best handle a 5 week LDR break?

I told her my intentions, so she knows I like her and is totally open to it. We have not hung out 1 on 1. just in groups.

1. I could take this slow. Not try to push it or make this into more than it is until she is back.
2. I could try to see her/call her more and be more forward. But we are both still uncertain about this, she is not my girlfriend yet.
3. I could back off a bit and wait for her to come to me. She knows i like her but she is still figuring it out.



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  • If it is an on off thing then no. I would suggest to work out a financial plan together but nothing else.

    • what do you mean? We are just getting to know one another that it. But her being gone for 5 weeks makes things complicated.

    • I'm sorry I accidentally answered to the wrong question.

      But I think you should give her a bit space but still stay in touch.
      Maybe giving her the opportunity to think about everything is the best idea.

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