She has a boyfriend, but hangs out with me at my house?

I've been talking to this girl at work for a while now, and I really like her, and I think she likes me too. She has a boyfriend, but the way she talks about him, I feel like she's bored with him, or doesn't want to be with him. She seems to avoid talking about him or bringing him up around me, and when she does, she usually says something negative (example: how he used to be a heroin addict).

We hung out outside of work for the first time the other day, and she agreed to hang out with me at my house. She sat close to me on my couch, and allowed me to make subtle touches, and put my arm around the back of the couch. She lights my cigarettes for me, and she was the one who asked me for MY number. Could these be signs she is interested in me? Is it a good sign if she's comfortable enough with me to be alone with me at my house?


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  • She could just be really friendly. But I doubt it. I think she may be interested and it is a good sign if she is comfortable to be alone with you at your house. I would get to know her better and see what her relationship is really like with her boyfriend.


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