I'm really self-conscious around my boyfriend?

I met this guy August and all these months, we've been talking and hanging around a lot and this and that. He's with me 24/7. It was just last month we got sexually active (no sex yet though) and it's just pretty recent, like two weeks, I gave him the first handy๐Ÿ˜… We just became official a few days ago. So the point. This guy is amazing. He's 6'3, built well and he is seriously gorgeous. I don't just say that because of my boyfriend. When I first seen him I swear I nearly fainted. He was even asked to be a male model for a nearby company. I thought being self-conscious around him would go away but it got worse since we became sexually active, or official. We are each others 'first' too.
He always wants to be around me, he helps my family with stuff, he always is reasonable and mature in debates, he is sympathetic and empathetic, he says the most beautiful things and compliments me. But when he looks at me, I hate it. I hate when he purposely stares at me to tease me because I feel so ugly and want to shrivel up and die. Every time we make eye contact I feel like he's too good looking for me. I am definitely not the cutest girl. I'm like, average, maybe not even that. Seriously. He doesn't know how I feel but it's a really horrible feeling. I truly truly like this guy and he's like my best friend/lover in one package and I know he has good intentions and likes me for me but I feel so, so ugly. It genuinely makes me very sad. When he compliments me I accept it but I feel like he's lying because of how bad I feel. He's also my first boyfriend too so it makes it worse. I struggle with social anxiety pretty bad ๐Ÿ˜• What do I do? Do I tell him and express my thoughts or try finding a way to work around this personally and make myself feel better? Any similar experiences and thoughts? I have always got intimidated by good looking people, girls and guys, but this guy is actually like, my guy, and now it's seriously affecting me now.
I'm really self-conscious around my boyfriend?
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