How Can I get to know her?

How can I get to know her better without being creepy or too much of a pest? I have this genuine interest in a woman at school and every time we chat we always have fun. Sometimes when we walk she touches my arm and seems to laugh at me a lot. I feel like I need to get to know her more though but we are both so busy! She leaves school this year as she is a grade above me even though we are the same age. I’ve only got a few months left before she probably skips town and I have strong feelings for her and don’t want to let her go. I’m always thinking about her, what do I do?


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  • Get some friends together, plan a day/night out, and then invite her once it’s already setup. That way it doesn’t look like going out hinges on her going with you, and if she says no you’ve still got a fun activity planned.


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