Im attracted to a girl. Should I approach her?

Hey there
so for some months now we have this girl at work which i find really attractive and cute and today i felt it becoming stronger. It has reached the point where i can't stop looking at her whenever i see her.
We never had a conversation but we know each others names.
Aside from me often holding the door open for her and just saying hello to each other there hasn't been much else interaction between us. Only very brief eye contact every now and then.
I thought about asking for her number or to go out some time for a coffee or something like that but i dont want to come off as creepy.
I have little to no experience when it comes to approaching girls in real life because i never had to do the first step (in my early to late teens most girls approached me and my former friends often introduced me to girls they knew).
What do you think? Should i just apporach her?


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  • Do it, if you're too nervous become friends with some of her friends. Join the friend circle.


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