What should I do about handling the relationship I have with a female friend?

I’m 16 (as you can read) and she’s 15, and I’ve known her for a year. We only get a chance to see each other once a month for a weekend, and she doesn’t have a cell phone, but we socialize a lot during those weekends. I still thought the friendship was completely platonic until the weekend we were together in December. I hadn’t noticed anything until she called me cute in a sort of flirty fashion (we were writing on each other’s hands [first time, and she took initiative to start] but I messed up and began apologizing profusely. After that, when I wasn’t paying attention, she took the palm of my hand and started writing something. She quietly nudged my hand back towards me, and when I saw what she had written, it surprised me. She had written: “No, ur cute :p”. I don’t see anything that was puppy-dog cute, so the other main 2 cutes [that I know of] are probably what she meant. After I saw, I literally said “I don’t know how to respond to that.”, because I’ve never been called cute ever. I noticed she turned around and started whispering and giggling to the other friend in our 3-person social group, and so I was a little suspicious), and then I realized that she may have a crush on me and I hadn’t noticed. I’m honestly not sure what to do about it. I could literally go either way. If I DON’T go for it and keep things strictly platonic, I miss out, but still keep a good friendship. On the other hand, if I DO go for it, I could potentially have the person I want to marry (I can personally date someone for as long as needed before we’re ready. And no, I don’t intend on marrying until I’m at least 19, preferably 20-21). But if her and I turn out to be incompatible, which I honestly don’t think we will, it MIGHT make the friendship a little awkward, but I don’t think anything will change. And just so you know, we’re both religious Christians so no sex, etc. Just good old-fashioned getting to know one another, and getting closer. So, what do you guys think I should do?


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  • It seems she likes you and you also like her. So you can be more clear about your feelings.


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