Has she lost interest?

I went on a few dates with this girl and I felt that we were getting really close. She had to go away for a week for a trip and she did not bother to talk to me or initiate conversation with me while she was gone. I did occasionally message her about her trip and she responded but felt distant. She got back to school and we also did not talk and I had to initiate all the conversations again. She would immediately respond enthusiastically to my texts but after I texted her back she would not respond or leave me on read. She did this a few times.
I offered to hangout with her before she left for break but she bailed because of a prior commitment. She apologized to me about being busy because of how hectic her life had been. (She missed all of finals week and had to play catch up) We are on school break and she has yet to talk to me at all, should I bother texting her or is it already a lost cause? It is strange because we went from talking everyday to barely speaking. Any insight? I would like to maintain a friendship with this girl at least because we will be around each other a lot in school.


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  • Probs busy with work and you're just not a priority right now.

    • I figured that, that is why I was not bothering her. Would you say she is still interested but busy (so keep trying to make conversation with her occasionally and set up times to hangout) or would it be better to leave her be for a while and let her get a hold of me when she is ready?

    • Maybe leave it for a few days more then initiate contact (if she hasn't already herself in that time frame). If she still doesn't respond then yeah she probs not interested.

    • Thanks! But do you mean I should initiate once more (in a few days) and see if she is responsive?

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