How 2 forget about the girl :v?

I've made a 1st step (like for me it was something new tbh) and got rejected.
"Fine, cool, ok" i said since i was happy I've tried at least and i got clear answer instead of thinking "what would it be if".
Now after some time i when think I'm not sad, mad etc. about this but i still can't forget about her...
I'm doing my hobbies to forget &feel better but damn, sometimes it's kinda hard and i am not always able to do what i do.

Shieet, weird stuff to talk about...


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  • I would suggest convincing yourself that you're better off without her. Maybe try listing her cons.

    • Well, that's what exactly im trying to.
      Most time i feel like i am convinced bit sometimes it's coming out of nowhere like a slap in the face.

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    • ah, ok then. can't help you any more then just saying the classic "time heals all wounds" good luck to trying to find a quicker solution though!

    • Hah, thank you ;D

What Guys Said 1

  • I recently had the same situation. Try to find other girls to think about to replace her

    • That's good option but I'm not type of person that spreads emotions and... let me say "goes wild" usually :v
      Still only 1 person knew about this situation (i mean only knows I've asked and got an answer) and overall i doing normal everyday but inside me it's kinda crowded by those stupid things to think about.

      Damn even this is so painful to write lol.

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